Conference Topics: Abstracts are invited on various themes related to sensory and consumer science. Sessions on industry practices and successful case studies will also be included.

• Sensory Science and Diversity
• Sense of Global Culture
• Evolving Methodologies in Sensory and Consumer Science
• Effective Use of Sensory Science in Product Development
• Effective Use of Sensory Science in Functional Food Design
• Sensory Innovations: From the Laboratory to the Market
• Consumer Experience with Food Products
• Exploring Sensory Elements Beyond Food: Non-Food Applications
• Sensory Challenges in Sustainable Packaging and Product Communication
• Culinary Arts, Service Industry - Sensory and Consumer Science
• Global Resource Issues, Sustainability, and Food Waste
• Education and Teaching in Sensory and Consumer Sciences
• Sensometrics
• Socio-Cultural Impacts on Sensory Preferences
• Future Trends: Digital Sensory Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Disruptive Technologies