Dear Respected Participants,

On behalf of the Karma Group, we are delighted to extend an invitation to you for the International Consumer and Sensory Sciences Conference (CONSENSE2024). CONSENSE2024 will take place 2-3 October 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey, at one of the most reputable university in Türkiye Istanbul Technical University, Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

Conference Details:

Event Name: CONSENSE 2024
Date: 2-3 October 2024
Venue: Istanbul Technical University, Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center, Istanbul, Türkiye

About ConSense2024: CONSENSE2024 will be a renowned international conference that unites academics and professionals from all over the world. This conference will offer an exclusive opportunity to disseminate cutting-edge research findings in the realm of sensory and consumer science. The conference showcases distinguished keynote speakers, as well as oral and poster presentations, seminars, and networking opportunities.

Themes and Topics: Abstracts are invited on various themes related to sensory and consumer science, including:

• Fundamentals of sensory perception
• Sensory science and diversity
• A sense of global culture
• Emerging sensory and consumer science methodologies
• Effective use of sensory science in product development
• Effective use of sensory science in functional food design
• Sensory Innovations: From Lab to Market
• Consumer experience of food products
• Exploring Sensory Aspects Beyond Food: Non-Food Applications
• Sensory Challenges in Sustainable Packaging and Product Communication
• Culinary arts, Hospitality and Sensory and Consumer Science
• Global resource challenges, sustainability & food waste
• Education and training in Sensory and Consumer science
• Sensometrics
• Socio-Cultural Influences on Sensory Preferences
• Future Trends: Digital Sensory Science, Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies

What are the reasons to participate in CONSENSE 2024?

• Networking Bonanza: Establish connections with industry professionals, researchers, and competitors.
• Stay informed with the most recent advancements in sensory science.
• Immerse yourself in Culture of Istanbul: Uncover Istanbul's abundant history, art, and gastronomy.
• Enhance your career prospects: Gain access to a wider range of options and foster new partnerships.
• International Outlook: Interact with experts from other countries.
We expect your engaged participation and significant contributions to CONSENSE 2024. To register and for further information, check out the official website of CONSENSE2024.

Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Esra Çapanoğlu Güven
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tuğba Özdal